Monday, April 29, 2019

County Appraisals have hit our mailboxes!  I have already helped a neighbor with questions about their appraisal.  They are a younger couple with children and they were genuinely concerned about their taxes.  I offered to help them and obtained lots of information for them to go protest their value.
I want to share some of my findings, even though they are only specific for their immediate area.  First, I noticed their taxes actually went down by $1000.  That's a win, right?  However, they were interested in lowering further because the value went up significantly the year before.  What I found was, several neighbors values went down; however there was one that went up. In fact it went up by 13%!!  I suggested to they go over to that neighbor and alert him so, that he could protest his amount.
Some may ask, why?  That doesn't affect them.  Well actually it does. You see by raising the neighbors taxes the CAD will then use that value next year to raise everyone else's value.  The state of Texas has a 10% appraisal cap. That is the maximum amount your taxes can go up in a given year.
I received a very thankful and complimentary email from them for the explanation and help I was able to offer.
Look at your appraisal's and protest if you see something out of line.!

Thursday, March 23, 2017